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Evilla034 4 days ago

Kickin Mix


Denise 10 days ago

Traditional Shrimp

This location is amazing! The food and service is so much better than the one in Northridge. Nancy, is the manager (I think) and she is incredible!

Rmelgar86 20 days ago

Pork Andouille Sausage

Delicious sausage pairs nice with the shrimp!!

Jovannyg00.Jg 24 days ago

Traditional Shrimp

Love Kickin Kasian!!! The seafood tastes so good and all the flavors are delicious!!! Really enjoy the friendliness attitude towards all guests form the employees and you can never have a dull moment when meeting your server. They tailor the experience to your situation and they never fail to provide quality service and food. Totally recommend this to all who love seafood or want to try it.

Ccanaber 25 days ago

Fried Oyster

Soft on the inside, fried and tasty on the outside! Big portions, loved the taste. Perfect!!

Cicig1392 26 days ago

Chicken Tenders & Fries

This is my favorite restaurant. The food is so amazing and perfectly seasoned.

Lasvegasraidernation1984 about 1 month ago

Chicken Tenders

The best fusion food in the San Fernando valley.

Linds.Mae1138 about 1 month ago

Chicken Tenders & Fries

Found the restaurant on Yelp. I ordered the Chicken Tenders w/ KAsian fries and my husband got the half pound of Shrimp with a side of rice. The food was fantastic. Loved the spice on the tenders and my favorite was the BBQ sauce. Great service and great food. We will definitely be coming back.

Donnaamorley about 1 month ago

Buttery Garlic

Great service and wonderful food! Loved the shrimp. Can't wait to come back!

Erikapaniagua58 about 2 months ago

Kickin Mix

My fiancée and I come here about 3 times a month. We usually order the same thing and are never disappointed. The food and service is always amazing. The alcohol beverages are amazing as well. We have tried other seafood places similar to Kickin Kasian but none of them compare. The flavor of the kickin mix always has us coming back. We love Kickin Kasian!

Anthony.Ethnasios about 2 months ago

Kickin Mix

i come here almost 5 times a month! i absolutely love this place! i always order the naked shrimp because i'm too lazy to peel the regular shrimp. i order it with medium kickin mix and baby corn! so so delicious. can't recommend this place enough

Michaelg1129 about 2 months ago

Traditional Shrimp

they were so fresh and taste so good and the sauce is excellent

Cindygodinez82 about 2 months ago

King Crab

Best place ever I been going for a few years already great customer service I just love this place if I could I would eat it every day .

Kristineprattdavis about 2 months ago

Green Mussels

Absolutely the best in the valley!!!!! I have been to Drunken Crab, Boiling Crab, & Crabby Crab which all were aiight(lol)! They don't compare to Kickin Kasian at all. The sauce from the other places are really watery and doesn't stick to the food. The green mussels are my absolute fav and of course the shrimp! Kickin Kasian is the best hands down even though the wait can be a bit long it is definitely worth it!

Mandrous15 about 2 months ago

The Works

I love adding this to my shrimp bag. I get the Kickin Mix Inferno with this add- on. It comes with adoiulle sausage, corn on the cob and a potato. The perfect combo to any seafood boil. LOVE IT!

Aandrous about 2 months ago

Traditional Shrimp

I come here at least once a week and there's definitely a reason! I prefer this shrimp over the naked shrimp because it is just packed with flavor!! I can't say enough good things about this place. The kickin mix sauce compliments the shrimp soooo well. This is for sure my favorite thing ever.

Emanda323 about 2 months ago

Fried Softshell Crab

I love soft shell crab, but I did feel like this one was a little bit too fried. I felt like when I bit into it that oil dripped. Other than it tasting a little too oily, it's delicious! The fries are great with it!

Anabelm587 about 2 months ago

Naked Shrimp

Best Shrimp!! The food here is the best. The whole family Loves it. Best place to eat seafood!

Ashsince13 5 days ago

Fried Softshell Crab

The best food in the city for sure If you haven't tried it , you must! I promise you wont be disappointed

Aseanlady 15 days ago


My fave . & order always is Kickin 🦐sauce, med.spicy even my hubby isn't really a seafood lover, but his fave. & order always is the crunchy chix strips with ranch dressing... yummy. We are so glad has opened in Encino , we live very close by 5 mins🚙 & hv been since opened & not too long to wait like we used went to Northridge location.

Ameake.Owens 20 days ago

Traditional Shrimp

Best shrimp ever! I've never had a bad meal here! Service is always top notch!

Monica.Youngblood.85 25 days ago


I had the naked shrimp with the Kick Kasian spicy sauce 😍... What can I say!??! Im in love.... So bomb, cant wait to come back!

Ccanaber 25 days ago

Crispy Vanilla Bread Puddin'

Was craving something sweet after a spicy dinner, this was highly recommended by staff so we ordered it. Did not disappoint! I loved it. You have an option of having condensed milk or chocolate drizzle on top OR on the side as a dip. Me and my friend tried both and ended up liking condensed milk over chocolate. Pudding itself is not sweet, has a nice texture and warm when served. It's slightly oily so beware for those counting calories or on a diet BUT it's bite sized so it shouldn't ruin your diet. Definitely recommend!

Tori Pacheco about 1 month ago

Naked Shrimp

I've been to both the Northridge and Encino locations. The service is good and the food is amazing. No complaints thus far.

Rudd1968 about 1 month ago

Naked Shrimp

Other people in my b party got fried catfish, green mussels in bag, and garlic butter baked shrimp Oh and the dessert bread pudding. Have been here a few times, love the food, someone told me that another place with "boiling" in the name was better, so we tried it, completely disagree Kicken Kasian is much better, we are hooked, last night brought 2 more people who had never been, and they also enjoyed it. The staff is friendly, service is quick, I know it's meant to be easy clean up my only thing is the utensils, it's very hard to use plastic on some things, fingers are great but not for everything. Thank you for this new experience. We will see you soon

J0mrtz about 1 month ago

Lemon Pepper

Honestly some of the best shrimp I have had. The size of the shrimp is great. Me and my coworkers come to this place often

Danylleponce224 about 2 months ago

Thai Tea

Was really good most thai tea have a bitter taste but this one was sweet.

Aandrous about 2 months ago

Quail Eggs

This is my favorite thing to add on to my seafood boil! so delicious, and it adds so much flavor to the meal! love kickin kasian'

Vanessa about 2 months ago

Baby Corn

This dish is amazing.. Even better with the garlic and butter.. My favorite!!

Destiny about 2 months ago

Garlic Kasian

My family and I have been going to Kickin Kasian since it first opened in Northridge, and this is our go-to seasoning! The sauce is not too thick, which we really like. As the name states, it does have a lot of garlic chunks in it, but not to the point where it is overpowering the entire meal. I would definitely recommend giving this one a try!

Randrous1117 about 2 months ago

Kickin Mix

the bestttt flavor to get! It's buttery, perfect amount of garlic and spices. I personally order medium, but I know people who get inferno! It's all amazing! Absolutely love Kickin!

Samandrous about 2 months ago

KAsian Fries

Okay the fries here are to die for. Theyre not too oily or fried. They go so well with the kickin mix sauce. I always dip them in with the shrimp, its so delicious.

Randa Androus about 2 months ago

Shitake Mushrooms

This is a must- add to my shrimp boil! It is sooo delicious! You need to give it a try! I order a pound of shrimp, kickin mix, add theses mushrooms and a corn! it's PERFECT!

Emanda323 about 2 months ago

Fried Calamari

The best calamari!! It's perfectly season and cooked. It's crispy and delicious! I dip it in my kickin mix sauce- sooo good!!

Xena about 2 months ago

Fried Shrimp

The fried shrimp was really well seasoned and delicious.

Pintojesse about 2 months ago

Kickin Mix

So good! A blend of all 3 of their sauces, what can be better than that! Always my go to sauce with my traditional shrimp! A must try, you will not regret it!


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