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Ashleyscruggs90900 3 days ago

Kickin Mix

Amazing flavors! Brings a whole new perspective to sea food.

Whynt4me 4 days ago

Buttery Garlic

Best crab legs and potatoes ever highly recommend it can't wait to go back

Trinamangan 10 days ago

Lemon Pepper

Some of the best sea food I've ever eaten and I keep coming back for more!

Gina 10 days ago

Inferno (I, II, III)

Very flavorful, super spicy, loved it. I get it Everytime I go..

Abennett2010 13 days ago

Garlic Kasian

The seasonings are AMAZING! Would recommend this place to anyone. Can't wait to go back.

Grier 17 days ago

Live Crawfish (Seasonal)

When the crawfish are in season they are the best here with the kickin mix inferno 2. Perfect amount of spice gets into the tail.

Ahobdy13 18 days ago

Inferno (I, II, III)

This is my favorite place to go to hands down! I have brought so many people here to show them what they are missing. The food is always so spicy and delicious. Service is always up to par. I have no complaints

Analy 23 days ago

Kickin Mix

Best. Food. Ever. I can literally finish an entire pound of shrimp with potatoes and rice by myself. Can't do that anywhere else lol. Amazing staff as well with great attitudes and amazing service. 1000/10 recommend

Amberbrrz 26 days ago

Kickin Mix

This boil was FULL of flavor I'd definitely come back for more

Wonster05 29 days ago

Whole Dungeness Crab

The crab in the medium spicy kickin' kasian sauce is to DIE FOR! It's all I've been thinking about since the first time I tried it two months ago! I watch a lot of seafood boil mukbangs and as I'm watching it, all I can think of is KICKIN' KASIAN. Also, the service here is amazing! Everyone is so friendly and happy to help.

Debsdelancy about 1 month ago

Fried Catfish

Amazing this was our appetizer and we had shrimp and crab legs. By far the best I have had.

Brandonjay77 about 1 month ago

Fried Catfish

Absolutely amazing veins! Positive atmosphere with friendly customer service! Made me feel very welcome! The music puts the perfect touch on this establishment! The severs treated me like a King!

Youssef about 1 month ago

Spicy Sauce

The only place I come to when craving a seafood boil! The flavor is amazing, the quality of the food is great and there isn't a thing I've ever ordered here and left upset about. The crew is very sweet and do their best to accommodate all their customers. Ive been to both locations and both are really good!

Stephaniefelix1313 about 1 month ago

Naked Shrimp

This shrimp is the best I love it

Krazibeast123 about 2 months ago

Fried Catfish

LOVED. The fusion of Cajun and Asian had be worried but it was a pleasant surprise. Definitely will be recommending and returning! Great job!

Kb8822 about 2 months ago

Garlic Kasian

Love coming here for family outings, they are the best, honey lemonade, is delicious great customer service.

Mishi about 2 months ago

Garlic Kasian

Perfectly cooked shrimp and perfectly spiced up flavorful and scrumptious sauce over white rice. Can not get any better with corn on the side. Love love love everything.

Christina about 2 months ago

Spicy Sauce

The best, love it

Ashsince13 about 2 months ago

Fried Softshell Crab

The best food in the city for sure If you haven't tried it , you must! I promise you wont be disappointed

Melissa 4 days ago

Fried Calamari

Just thinking about this appetizer makes my mouth water. This fried calamari is soooo good! The perfect amount of crunch on the outside paired with their savory sauces, it's heavenly, honestly. I like that they do give you fries with this basket because I can dip the fries in the butter and seasoning that my shrimp comes in. If you're super hungry I would definitely get this basket and a pound of shrimp to go with. I would also say that this is a big enough portion to share with up to 3 people.

Leah 6 days ago

Buttery Garlic

I love Kickin Kasian. They are fast and friendly. The food is always good with the kickin mix medium.

Ajay0214 10 days ago

Kickin Mix

I love this shrimp my favorite place ! Only place I get shrimp from with side order of rice n lemon pepper fries and a side of coke bomb 💣.com

Carlosmarketing2018 13 days ago

Whole Maine Lobster

One of the best Cajun Seafood with Asian Fusion Flavor!! Will definitely be coming back!!

Briana 16 days ago

Snow Crab

Kickin Mix Inferno 1 , with side of garlic butter and rice , the flavor of everything is good , i been to hot n juicy and boiling crab and they don't compete with Kickin Kasian crab legs !! Every time i go in to any Kickin Kasian you can just smell the flavors of everything !

Ahobdy13 18 days ago

Snow Crab

This is my favorite place to go to hands down! I have brought so many people here to show them what they are missing. The food is always so spicy and delicious. Service is always up to par. I have no complaints

B 20 days ago

Fried Calamari

The friend Calamari is amazing! Inferno I is so hot, I was sweating, still good tho

Achinen50 24 days ago

Garlic Kasian

This place is super good!! A must try!! The line is sometimes out the door but that is because it is so friken amazing!! Service is good they do work really fast to acomódate all their patrons!! Totally recommend

Joy 28 days ago

Kickin Mix

Seriously, this place is SO GOOD! Never fails every single time. The fries are amazing, chicken tenders are so good!(I know that sounds odd because they're just tenders but tenders aren't good everywhere) They really take their time it seems to make sure every flavor is executed in such a great day before allowing the general public to also taste how yummy it is! Can't wait to come back 😊

Ivy111990 29 days ago

Kickin Mix

Kickin mix flavor in A 1 lb traditional shrimp always makes me eat like 3 sides of rice. With fried calamari and honey lemonade drinks 🤤 By the way i eat there atleast once a wk with my boyfriend. And the cravings never stop.🤤🤤.. the smell of the seafood, Ambiance just wanting me to visit and eat there always.. always exceeded my expectations.. worth the wait in line.. and always have a good experience with crew.. thank you and keep up the good work..👍🏻⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Queenzette37 about 1 month ago

Fried Okra

While everyone is raving over the Seafood, I'm raving over the Okra! Yes you heard me right, Okra! It's Crispy, Hot, and seasoned to perfection, it's Great paired with the Lemon Pepper Fries! Kickin Kaiden is the Best!!

Imeldamf about 1 month ago

Green Mussels

Love the mussel and the sauce. I like the cajun fries, too. This place is my family fav restaurant, come here at least once a month.

Coco about 1 month ago

Kickin Mix

This is the most delicious place you can eat seafood at.

Jillian about 2 months ago

Fried Okra

Kickin Kasian's fries okra is the best i have tasted. It tastes like i am back home in Nashville.

Mariambebawi about 2 months ago

Traditional Shrimp

soo delicious, better than boiling crab

Jacqueline about 2 months ago

Fried Shrimp

My friend and I never get tired of coming in as soon as you guys open. Staff is so nice and the food ugh just loooveee the food, we're obsessed!

Ashliarosales14 about 2 months ago

Buttery Garlic

This place is by far the best! I drive all the way over here from orange county just to eat here! The best better than any broiling crab!

Evilla034 about 2 months ago

Kickin Mix


Denise 2 months ago

Traditional Shrimp

This location is amazing! The food and service is so much better than the one in Northridge. Nancy, is the manager (I think) and she is incredible!


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