Covid-19 Safety Practices

Safety Procedures

-Disinfect the facility following CDC Guidelines
-Reduced staff by 66% to minimize the number of people working together.
-Reduced hours and days of operations to help alleviate stress on our team
-Contactless operations (No Dine-in) - restrict ordering and payments to online only; takeout specialists maintain social distance and do not interact with customers for more than 5 minutes
-All staff is required to wear masks and gloves. PPE is provided by Kickin KAsian at no cost to our employees.
-All staff is required to do a COVID-19 screening and temperature check before the start of their shift.
-Workstations are spread out to 6-feet apart when feasible.
-Timers are set to 30 minutes, 1 hour, and 2 hours, as reminders to sanitize workstations.
-Sanitizer is available at every break area
-Safety Compliant Certification for all management- provided by the Los Angeles County Public Health Department.
-Takeout specialist will be required to wear face shields when interacting with customers
-Employee oxygen saturation tests
-We have installed Fresh-aire UV systems to our AC units (Northridge only)